Upcoming Services

Upcoming Services

Join us for services on Sundays at 10am. Welcome as you are!


Jan 7 – The Aramaic Jesus – Arif Leininger

When and if Jesus said anything, he said it in the language of Aramaic. We will use the first four lines of what is known as "The Lord's Prayer" as an introduction and invitation to a much fuller understanding of what Jesus was offering. BTW - Thy Queendom Come would be a more accurate translation.



Jan 14 – Living the Seven Principles – Laura Reichsman

Come explore ways we as Unitarian Universalists can live the Seven Principles more intentionally.


*Jan 21 – "To laugh in astonishment and bow our heads" – Rev. Leaf Seligman, Guest Minister

This line from Mary Oliver’s poem Mysteries, Yes invites us to consider life’s astonishing moments, the ones infused with mystery or miracle, or perhaps both. Our guest minister will share her own story of astonishment: an unlikely spiritual pairing mediated through a friend in federal prison.


At 11:30, all who are interested are invited to gather again in the Peace Sanctuary to participate in a discussion of restorative justice with Rev. Leaf.


Jan 28 – Cold Hands, Warm Hearts - Religious Education Kids

It's cold outside but there are lots of ways for our hearts to stay warm. Come hear the UUSG RE kids’ ideas on staying toasty (at least inside) this winter.


*Indicates an “Accessible Sunday” with worship services held in the Peace Sanctuary of the ground floor Fellowship Hall. Accessible Sunday occurs regularly on the third Sunday of each month. In summer, all services are accessible.