Upcoming Services

UUSG Services

Join us for services each Sunday at 10 am. Children attend the introduction of the service before being escorted to Religious Education class. All are welcome at the coffee hour held in our Fellowship Hall following the service.

Upcoming service listing:

May 26 – In Memory of... – Laura Reichsman
Memorial Day is traditionally a day to remember those who died while in the military. Can it also be a day to remember those who are lost to us, however they have been lost?

June 2 Letting Go – Cheryl Jacques
We’ll explore the ways we cling to certain ideas, people and things. These attachments are human, even necessary. But unexamined clinging can grow out of proportion, leading to anxiety and desperation. With Mindfulness and moderation, we can learn to identify unhealthy attachments and practice peaceful release.

June 9 – Shavous and Pentecost – Rev. Leaf
This day marks the Pentecost in the Christian tradition, the day that people receive spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is also the Jewish holiday of Shavous, commemorating when God gives the Torah or the law to the people. What are the spiritual gifts we receive and what responsibilities come with receiving those gifts?

*June 16 – Flower Communion – Music and Worship Committee
This special worship service is an annual ritual celebrated in many UU congregations. It honors beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. Here we have a moment to reflect on how our congregational bouquet has changed. New flowers have added dimension and inspiration, while the sweet scent of flowers gently removed lingers behind. Please bring a flower or two to add to the communal vase. Coffee hour for this final day of our church year will feature our favorite tradition: Ice Cream Sundae Sunday. Bring your favorite ice cream treat or topping to share.
Note:There will be a Congregational Forum during coffee hour.

Summer services We meet once in July and in August. Themes and dates will be announced here.


*  Indicates an “Accessible Sunday” with worship services held in the Peace Sanctuary of the ground floor Fellowship Hall. Accessible Sunday occurs regularly on the third Sunday of other months. In summer, all services are accessible.