Piloting the Fellow-ship

Piloting the fellow-ship

What a wonderful start to our new church year. Our Water Communion was a joyous service led by the Music and Worship Committee. Thanks to them for keeping this tradition alive and changing.

As a congregation, we are working this year on finding a new way of expressing our faith through the fellowship model. The fellowship model may be quite foreign to many of us. Growing up in the Catholic faith I was taught that the priest knew more than I did and I was expected to follow his direction. That certainly is not the way we practice our faith in Unitarian Universalism. We may be more comfortable with the idea of having a minister who holds the faith for us. We might feel that we can relax in the knowledge that someone else is piloting the ship and providing us with ministerial direction.

However, that is not how the fellowship model works. We as a congregation are now the pilots of this ship. It is up to all of us to lead it in a direction that inspires us and helps us minister to each other. This is a big task but I feel that we are up to it. We are a church that is incredibly caring and welcoming. We find our greatest joy in community. So all hands on deck because we work best together.

The Executive Committee is working on two major projects. One is caring for our congregation and the other is understanding and implementing the fellowship model.

The Executive Committee has appointed a Congregational Caring Committee. I will chair this committee and will be joined by Dorcas Hurd and Irene Blacquiere. We will be meeting in October to write some guidelines for this committee and will be asking for your assistance in lending a helping hand to those in need in our congregation. An update will follow after our first committee meeting.

The Executive Committee has contacted the UUA to ask for assistance in helping us better understand what it means to be a fellowship and to help us fill the gaps in the responsibilities usually filled by a minister. The UUA’s representative for this is Karen Bellavance-Grace. Chris, Irene and I attended a workshop led by her and found it to be a helpful guide to becoming a fellowship congregation. On November 5th she will be leading the worship service and then facilitating a discussion during coffee hour about fellowship congregations.

In Fellowship,
Bo Azora-Minda
Executive Committee Chair

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