Passion → Inspiration → Action

Passion → Inspiration → Action

This is the time of year that I feel a little disgruntled and begin contemplating how to spend my energy, since it's easy to feel like I don't have enough to go around. It’s a time when winter is almost over and I am tired of the cold and snow. It doesn’t quite feel like spring is ever going to come. This is the time of year when I feel like I need a little inspiration.

I have been contemplating what gives me inspiration. One of the inspiring moments at the church recently was when Reverend Leaf spoke to us about restorative justice. I was inspired because I could feel her passion, and others were inspired as well. As a result, some church members are meeting to discuss how our church can be more involved with restorative justice in our community. I am looking forward to seeing what this group has to offer us. This would be a great way to spend our energy!

I am grateful for people like Reverend Leaf for sharing her passion and helping to inspire us to action. In light of this, let's remember the grant money that we received recently to expand our outreach. How we can make good use of this funding and explore other areas of social justice and spiritual growth?

The Executive Committee is actively seeking ideas for speakers who can share their passion with us. Your ideas are welcome. Please talk to me or any Executive Committee board member or bring your thoughts to share with us at the EC meeting on the second Sunday of each month at 11:30 AM.

In Fellowship,
Bo Azora-Minda
Executive Committee Chair

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