Moving into Fellowship

Moving into Fellowship

As we start this new church year I have been contemplating what adventures we will explore as we begin our journey as a Fellowship Congregation. I have been speaking with members of the Music and Worship Committee and am excited about upcoming services. They are a dedicated team who are working hard to create a year of meaningful worship.

I would like to talk to you about a conversation that I had this summer with Karen Bellavance-Grace, of the Congregational Life Staff in the New England Regional office. The focus of her work is to help support congregations under 100 or so members. She says that half of the congregations in the New England region fall into this category.

It was a very uplifting and hopeful conversation. She listened closely as I told her of the concerns expressed by our church members, especially relating to supporting ourselves and our congregation in this this time of flux. She is excited about the projects at our church, particularly the Welcome Table. She stressed the importance of keeping our projects sustainable.

We also spoke at length about our Congregational Care Committee. This is a new committee which has been formed because the Executive Committee felt there may be gaps in the care of our congregation now that we are a Fellowship. This committee will be led by myself, Dorcas Hurd and Irene Blacquiere. We will be setting up a structure for how congregational care will happen in our church. We are open to suggestions and feedback. We will probably have a point person who can be contacted for assistance or in case of an emergency. It seems essential, however, that we all pitch in to help one another. Karen spoke to me about ministers who could provide ministerial care, which is outside the scope of this committee.

Lastly, we talked about Karen's availability to speak to our congregation. This could be very helpful because she will be available to answer questions that we may have as we transition to the Fellowship model. She said she would like to worship with us on a Sunday and speak to the congregation after the service. The Executive Committee will be discussing this at our next meeting on September 10. If you would like to be a part of this discussion, please plan on attending this meeting. We have changed our meeting time to the second Sunday of the month after Coffee Hour to provide more accessibility to everyone. Hope to see you there.

In Fellowship,
Bo Azora-Minda
Executive Committee Chair

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