UUSG Committees

Committee members are listed below, with meeting days & times when there is a regularly scheduled time. Meetings may vary due to holidays or other events. Questions or suggestions? Please feel free to speak with any of the church trustees.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Trustees (term ending)

  • Frieda Reichsman, Chair ('19)
  • Roy Gilbert ('19)
  • Chris Pera, Treasurer, ('19)
  • Robert Gifford, Clerk ('21)
  • Chip Steward ('21)

Meetings are on the third Monday of each month at 11:30 am. Visitors are welcome to attend. Agenda items can be submitted to the committee chair, Frieda Reichsman,  at

Nominating Committee

Members: Laura Reichsman, Dorcas Hurd, Vicki Heidorn

Finance Committee

Members: Priscilla Ericsson, Chris Pera

Congregational Care Committee

Members: Boden Azora-Minda, Dorcas Hurd, Irene Blacquiere

Members of this committee meet with the Minister as needed to discuss event and/or concerns about the the Professional Ministry of the church. If you have any concerns that you may not feel comfortable talking with the minister about, please contact a member of the committee.

Music & Worship Committee

Members: Catherine Azora-Minda, Rodney Fagan, Julie Pera (Chair), Laura Reichsman, Al Womer, Cheryl Jaques, Melissa Myers.

Meets on the 2nd Sunday, 11:30am. Please submit agenda items to Visitors and new members welcome.

Building Committee

Members: Chris Pera (contact), Chip Steward

Members of this committee meet and communicate as needed to follow-up on maintenance and other building related issues.  While the committee does not meet regularly, please talk with a member of the committee if you have any questions or concerns about the building.

If you are using the building and have a concern, please contact Chris at 978-410-9775.

Other Groups

Meditation Group
Open to all members and visitors of the Greater Gardner community, visitors and new members are welcome. Weekly meditations are usually led by an experienced instructor from the Insight Meditation Society of Barre.

Meets Wednesdays from 6 - 7:30 p.m.